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Inter Faith Week: Stories from 2016, inspiration for 2017

A short, illustrated report on Inter Faith Week 2016, including a section looking forward to the 2017 Week.

Faith and Cohesive Communities - Report on IFN National Meeting 2016

Report on 2016 National Meeting, looking at contributions faith communities and inter faith groups make to community cohesion. Issues explored include compassion, dialogue, accessibility, intergenerational activity, equality, diversity, and social media.

Annual Reviews

Every year, IFN produces an Annual Review which gives details of the work of the Network over the year (usually July-July), and includes an overview of the company accounts for the financial year (January-December).

The law relating to General Elections, charities and undue spiritual influence

A note describing the provisions relating to General Elections, elections and referendums and how charities may, or may not act, as set out in current charity and electoral law, and the issue of undue spiritual influence.

Faith festivals - guidance on sending greetings 2017

A document about the most appropriate festivals on which to send greetings and the form of greeting to use.

Let’s Talk: Practical Pointers for Inter Faith Dialogue

A booklet offering some short reflections and examples drawn from the work of IFN and its member bodies, with the aim of inspiring and encouraging further discussion and engagement.

Looking after one another: the safety and security of our faith communities

Practical pointers for responding jointly to attacks on places of worship; working for calm in times of tension; and working to build and strengthen good inter faith relations.

Introduction to dialogue between people of different faiths and beliefs

This page contains a brief introduction to themes and concepts in inter faith dialogue.

Dialogues in the workplace

Workplaces are increasingly taking the role of religion in people’s lives more seriously.

Inter faith learning, dialogue and cooperation: Next Steps

A booklet containing information and pointers about different ways to get further involved with inter faith activity.

2017 religious festivals

Below you will find a list of religious festivals during each month (and a short description).

Act of Commitment

A shared act of reflection and commitment by the faith communities of the UK

IFN day event for local inter faith practitioners - A short Report (Coventry, July 2016)

Short report on a day event for local inter faith practitioners. The event enabled sharing of good practice on a range of issues, including tackling prejudice and hate crime; working in partnership for the common good; religious literacy; social media...

Report on IFN Meeting with a focus on Inter Faith Week

Report on an IFN meeting with a focus on Inter Faith Week, which included the launch of The Inter Faith Week Toolkit: Developing successful activities.

Inter Faith Week Toolkit

A short guide containing suggestions for marking Inter Faith Week, practical guidance and links to further information.

IFN Statement on Aims and Values

This Statement on Aims and Values was agreed by IFN member bodies at a general meeting in May 2016, and all bodies subsequently admitted to membership also agree to it.

‘Living Well Together’ - Report on IFN National Meeting 2015

Report on National Meeting, looking at how faiths are serving those in need; living and acting as neighbours; and how we work together in the workplace among other themes.

Faiths Working Together Toolkit

A toolkit containing practical pointers for making contact, planning and publicising activities, and advice on key principles.

Inter Faith Network day event for local inter faith practitioners: A short report (London, 2015)

Short report on a day event for local inter faith practitioners, held in London on 30 July 2015. The event included opportunities to share learning and good practice.

Inter Faith Network day event for local inter faith practitioners: A short report (Sheffield, 2015)

Short report on a day event for local inter faith practitioners, held in Sheffield on 26 March 2015. The day provided opportunities to share learning and good practice.

Inter Faith Network leaflet (2015)

A leaflet about the Inter Faith Network and its work.

‘Tough to Talk?’ - Report on IFN National Meeting 2014

Report on a meeting to explore the wide ranging issues which could be difficult to tackle in inter faith contexts and to reflect on how these were being approached around the UK in different settings.

Young Voices, Young Agents for Change: A short report

An event held by the Inter Faith Network for the UK during November 2014.

Catering and Faith Based Dietary Practice: Briefing Note

A briefing note for caterers and others about the dietary practices of faith communities including a chart of ingredients that people of different faiths are, or are not, likely to consume.

Inter Faith Week: reporting on 2013 and planning for 2014

A short, illustrated report on Inter Faith Week 2013, with planning ideas and tips for 2014.

Working Together for Inter Faith Cooperation and Understanding: The changing face of inter faith engagement

Report of IFN's 2012 National Meeting, marking its 25th Anniversary, with opportunities to take stock of what had been achieved and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Inter Faith Week 2011

A short, illustrated report on Inter Faith Week 2011 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Living Well Together

'Living Well Together' in Britain today - a series of questions first developed for use in discussion contexts during Inter Faith Week 2011.

The Big Picture: National and Local Faith Communities Working Together for Inter Faith Cooperation and Understanding

Report on IFN's 2011 National Meeting, exploring the roles national faith communities play in resourcing local inter faith activity and increasing participation, and in turn how the learn from activity at local level.

Briefing on the Equality Act 2010

Published in December 2010. Revised in February 2011.

Young People and Inter Faith Engagement E-resource

An e-resource about young people and inter faith engagement, designed to compliment the Connect: Different Faiths, Shared Values guide.

Inter Faith Week 2010 in England

A short, illustrated report on Inter Faith Week 2010 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Shaping our Shared Society: The Key Role of Local Inter Faith Organisations

Report on IFN's 2010 National Meeting which offered a chance to hear from local inter faith organisations about how they are developing their work, including the challenges and opportunities they see ahead.

Inter Faith Week 2009: A report and evaluation

The first national Inter Faith Week in England and Wales took place from 15 to 21 November 2009. It was very successful with a range of exciting and stimulating events taking place across England and Wales.

Note on Inter Faith Week event 2009

Note on Inter Faith Week 2009 event held by the Inter Faith Network for the UK in association with the British Humanist Association.

Bilateral Inter Faith Dialogue in the UK

This report records the proceedings of a day conference looking at the special value of dialogue between people of two different faith traditions: bilateral dialogue.

Local Inter Faith Organisations and SACREs: Working together for understanding and community cohesion

Report on a seminar that looked at the roles and activities of SACREs and LIFOs and what steps can be taken to increase opportunities for joint working between them.

Good Inter Faith Relations: The Next Generation

A report on a day conference looking at the involvement of young people in inter faith relations, held as IFN’s 2009 National Meeting.

Face to Face and Heart to Heart: People of Faith in Dialogue

Report on a meeting to explore aspects of the 'face to face' (and indeed the 'heart to heart') processes designed to tackle misunderstandings and prejudice and to build good relations.

Local Authority Engagement with Faith Groups and Inter Faith Organisations

A survey of England and Wales. Produced in partnership between the Local Government Association and the Inter Faith Network.

Faith, Citizenship and Shared Life in Britain Today: Discussion document

A discussion paper developed by IFN's Executive Committee in 2007 to address fundamental questions about the place of faith communities within society, the nature of citizenship and of 'Britishness' and related themes.

20th Anniversary Brochure

This brochure was produced to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Inter Faith Network in 2007, and includes information on some of the key events in the history of the Network.

Wearing of religious dress and symbols: Briefing Note

This note offers a perspective from the then Executive Committee of the Inter Faith Network for the UK on some of the issues which arise over the wearing in public of items of religious dress and symbols.

Women’s Inter Faith Initiatives in the UK: A Survey

In May 2006, the Inter Faith Network commissioned Dr Fatheena Mubarak to understake a short research project looking at the pattern of women's inter faith initatives in the UK.

Faith, Identity and Belonging: Educating for Shared Citizenship

The report highlights some of the challenges and possibilities for educators in addressing faith, inter faith and citizenship issues in schools.

Challenge and Opportunity: Changing Patterns of Inter Faith Engagement in the UK

Report of the 2006 Network National Meeting of IFN.

Building Good Relations on Campus

Report of a consultation arranged by IFN, in association with the Equality Challenge Unit, to explore the tasks involved in building good inter faith relations on campus in a way which respects the distinctiveness of each of the faiths involved.

Looking after one another: the safety and security of our faith communities

Short guidelines for faith community organisations working together to respond to inter-community tensions and to attacks, or the threat of attacks, on places of worship or other faith community property.

Connecting for the Future: Young People and Inter Faith Relations in Britain

Report of the 2005 National Meeting looking at the importance of young people’s involvement in building good inter faith relations.

The Local Inter Faith Guide: Faith Community Co-operation in Action (Second edition)

A guide to setting up and running a local inter faith initiative. Includes information, advice and practical case study examples.

Community Cohesion: An Action Guide

Practitioner guidance which includes descriptions of the application of community cohesion in key policy areas, pointers for successful implementation and case studies drawn from different local authority and other contexts.

Inter Faith Relations: The UK in Europe

Report of the 2004 National Meeting looking at the impact of the UK’s membership of the European Union on faith communities and the inter faith agenda here.

Connect: Different Faiths Shared Values

An inter faith action and resource guide for young people aged 16-25.

Time to Talk: Faiths at the table of Dialogue in Today’s UK

Report on IFN's 2003 National Meeting, looking at the importance of dialogue for overcoming prejudice and inherited myths.

Partnership for the Common Good: Inter Faith Structures and Local Government

Good Practice Guidelines looking at some of the issues involved in working with, and helping establish, local inter faith initiatives.

Local Inter Faith Activity in the UK: A Survey (2003)

A report detailing the findings of a six month survey in 2003 which mapped the changing landscape of local inter faith activity around the UK.

Community Cohesion: A New Agenda for Inter Faith Relations?

Report on IFN's 2002 National Meeting, with inputs from central and local government representatives on the nature and goals of the community cohesion agenda.

Guidance on Community Cohesion

The Local Government Association in association with ODPM, Home Office, CRE and Inter Faith Network.

Faith and Community: A Good Practice Guide for Local Authorities

The Local Government Association in association with the Inter Faith Network.

The Golden Jubilee Young Person’s Faith Forum

To mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002 a special Young People's Faith Forum was held at St James's Palace.

Faith and Service to the Community

2001 National Meeting Report, looking at the role of faith in community service projects.

Inter Faith Issues and the RE Curriculum

Examining issues and practicalities of introducing inter faith issues into the curriculum.

Inter Faith Relations in the UK: The Next Decade

2000 National Meeting Report, examining how inter faith relations need to be developed in the coming years.

Faith in a Changing Political Landscape

1999 National Meeting Report covering the role of faith in: the Regional Development Assemblies and England; the Scottish Parliament; and a reformed House of Lords.

Collective Worship Reviewed

Report on a 1997 consultation and conference on Collective Worship.

The Quest for Common Values

Report of a 1996 Network seminar looking at initiatives aiming to find shared values to provide a secure moral foundation for a multi faith society.

Building Good Relations Between People of Different Faiths and Beliefs (Code)

In 1993, IFN developed, in consultation with its member bodies, guidance on Building Good Relations with People of Different Faiths and Beliefs. All member bodies subscribe to this guidance, and it has been used widely.

Mission, Dialogue and Inter Religious Encounter

Does true dialogue inevitably exclude mission? What are the ethics of mission and of dialogue in a multi faith country? This consultative document was issued in July 1993 to encourage discussion and reflection on these issues.

Statement on Inter Religious Relations in Britain

A statement agreed by IFN's member bodies in 1991 and reprinted in 2006.