The Inter Faith Network for the UK office has now closed

Further background on closure timeline can be found on the homepage. A Press Release issued on 22 February about IFN's closure can be found at Read more…


This section of the website contains resources for local groups on particular themes. Publications relevant to local groups can be found here.

Local Inter Faith Voices - Watford Interfaith Association

Chanda Shome and Yogesh Joshi, members of Watford Interfaith Association (WIFA), discuss the Watford Peace Garden and how they became involved in local inter faith activity.

Reflections on inter faith work, and helpful learning opportunities (video)

Rabbi Warren Elf MBE, Co-Chair, Faith Network for Manchester (FN4M), shares some reflections from his inter faith journey, including on ways that he has been involved in inter faith activity and on helpful learning opportunities

The difference that learning opportunities make (video)

Mehru Fitter MBE, Coventry Multi Faith Forum, shares some reflections from her inter faith journey on the differences that learning opportunities make to people's development of inter faith understanding.

Getting your local community involved (video)

Afrasiab Anwar MBE, Chair of Building Bridges in Burnley, shares some reflections from his inter faith journey.

Webinar on using Zoom effectively

A webinar for local inter faith organisations, held by IFN on 15 December 2020

Some frequently asked questions on Zoom

The following points have been adapted from a presentation given at a webinar on using Zoom effectively, held for local inter faith organisations in December 2020.

Getting Together at a Time of COVID-19

Video: A Webinar for local inter faith groups led by the Inter Faith Network for the UK on Friday 19 June 2020. Marking the Great Get Together.

Local inter faith organisations and environmental social action

The different faiths all call on their followers to care for the planet. Many faith-based organisations are taking part in environmental social action activities in response to growing concern about climate change. Some also have ongoing programmes of work

Annual Memorial Days and Weeks

Local inter faith organisations play a crucial role in fostering understanding and good relationships between different faith groups in the UK. Many take part in commemorations or projects linked to Holocaust Memorial Day and Remembering Srebrenica.

Friendship links between places of worship

An increasing number of places of worship have ongoing and positive links with one or more nearby places of worship of other faiths. 

Open Door Days

Churches, gurdwaras, mandirs, mosques, synagogues, temples, viharas.  Buildings that are the heart of the UK’s different faith communities, with worship space and usually also with community space for lots of activities.

Local inter faith organisations and the environment

Example: Footsteps: Faiths for a low Carbon Future

Local inter faith organisations and sport

Example: Windsor and Maidenhead Community Forum

Inter faith walks, pilgrimages and faith trails

A number of local inter faith organisations hold inter faith walks and 'pilgrimages', where people of different faiths and beliefs walk together, often visiting places of worship along the way.

Inter faith engagement in social action

Inter faith activity comes in many shapes and sizes, from small meetings for dialogue to collaborative arts programmes; from educational activities to projects serving the local community.

Standing together

The UK has a strong pattern of inter faith relations overall. However, tensions and difficulties can arise for a number of reasons.

Local Inter Faith Organisations and Schools

Increasingly, schools and academies want to interact with different faith communities in their locality.