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Youth Initiatives

Young people today are becoming increasingly invovled in inter faith activity. This takes a wide variety of forms, from dialogues and discussions to sporting activities and from arts and cultural activities to projects which bring people together in service for the common good. 

This page provides information on organisations, initiatives and programmes that are working to promote inter faith dialogue, learning and cooperation between young people. This page includes sections about inter faith initatives that involve or are tailored to young people in a variety of different contexts. There are, however, separate pages about getting involved with initiatives while at Further Education College or University.

It should be noted that many organisations focus their 'youth' activities on a particular age range.  This website section focuses on initiatives aimed at 16-25 year olds, or any range within or overlapping that.

National inter faith bodies with youth programmes

In the UK, there are national and local bodies that exist to promote good inter faith relations. Some of these, such as The Feast and the recently established Faiths United Youth Network, focus entirely on young people, and may provide ways for you to get involved, depending on your age and location.


Some national inter faith bodies run some programmes aimed at young people, but as part of their broader inter faith work. These include Council of Christians and Jews, which, in addition to its Campus Leadership Programme, runs a membership scheme and a range of activities, some of which might be of interest to young people;  The Faith and Belief Forum, which runs programmes in some schools and universities as well as other youth programmes and activities; and Religions for Peace UK, which has a national Interfaith Youth Network within it. The The St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, based in the City of London, also runs a range of projects, some of which are aimed at those in their 20s and 30s.


Interfaith Scotland, in addition to its schools programme, sometimes runs activities for young people.Together with the Inter-faith Council for Wales/Cyngor Rhyng-ffydd Cymru and the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum, it is a good sources of information about programmes and initiatives in their respective nations.

The Near Neighbours programme of the Church of England runs a youth leadership programme in some parts of England called Catalyst.

Local inter faith organisations

Many areas within the UK have a local inter faith organisation which exists to promote positive inter faith relations within its local area. A small number of these, listed below, have youth programmes. However, even where the groups do not have these, they may have expertise and connections that they can help you with. You can find local inter faith organisations near you using IFN's locator tool.

Local inter faith bodies with youth programmes or which run ad hoc activities for young people

Organisations with Inter Faith programmes

Alongside national and local inter faith bodies, there are faith-based and secular organisations in the UK that also have elements within their work that involve inter faith activity. Sometimes, like the Encompass Trust and Aik Saath, this is a large element within their work. 

Organisations such as GirlGuiding, the ScoutsJewish Lads and Girls Brigade (JLGB), National Citizen Service, and Step Up To Serve's i will campaign also have sessions and streams which focus on enabling young people to learn about and from other faith and belief traditions than their own.

Many other national youth organisations hold inter faith activities periodically, such as during Inter Faith Week and Scottish Inter Faith Week. 

Some national faith communities have an associated 'youth council' or other youth structure. These may also be able to put you in touch with inter faith projects and programmes.

Special days and weeks

There are a few days and weeks where there is a special inter faith focus: 

There are also other special days and weeks throughout the year where inter faith activities often feature. These can be good opportunities to hold activities, particularly if you are trying something for the first time.