The Inter Faith Network for the UK office has now closed

Further background on closure timeline can be found on the homepage. A Press Release issued on 22 February about IFN's closure can be found at Read more…

Local inter faith linking

IFN holds regular link meetings for local inter faith organisations. Some of these cover a region and some cover an area such as a county.

These meetings bring together local inter faith practitioners, to help learn from one another and provide opportunities to share good practice. This, in turn, feeds into IFN's work and helps to shape its patterns of engagement at all levels. Regional Faith Forums, in regions where these continue to exist, are consulted and invited to participate.

In some years, IFN also holds 'national practitioner days' for local inter faith organisations from anywhere in the UK to come together to share and learn. Reports on these can be found under publications

Below, you will find agreed minutes of local inter faith link meetings. Others will be added once cleared by meeting participants.