The Inter Faith Network for the UK office has now closed

Further background on closure timeline can be found on the homepage. A Press Release issued on 22 February about IFN's closure can be found at Read more…

Inter Faith Week 2020: Connection, learning and cooperation at the time of COVID

A report on a remarkable and inspiring week

The report draws on a mixture of sources: social media coverage of the Week; information submitted to the Inter Faith Week website; further details researched online across the period following the Week, including reports by some organisations which held activities; and a detailed survey sent to activity holders. Quite a number of reports were put out later than usual due to pandemic pressures, but we have tried to capture information from these also.

The report includes two special sections: one on the backdrop of the pandemic and how this shaped activities and participation; and one on how online and digital opportunities for engagement helped people to connect and interact. It then looks at patterns of participation and activity, sharing examples of the wide range of events held by bodies both large and small. At the end is a summary of key content.

To download a copy of the report on Inter Faith Week 2020, click on the link below.