The Inter Faith Network for the UK office has now closed

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  • It is through talking to one another that we begin to explore, understand and eventually act.


The increasing religious diversity of the UK means that inter faith engagement is ever more important. The conversations that take place between people of different faiths and beliefs are at the heart of this.

It is through talking to one another that we begin to explore, understand and eventually act. Such conversation, or ‘dialogue’, is a vital part of building the mutual respect, understanding and cooperation that benefits all.

IFN’s member bodies are engaged in dialogue and discussion in a number of ways. National Faith Community Representative Bodies engage in dialogue with each other through IFN’s Faith Communities Forum. Many of IFN’s National and Regional Inter Faith Organisation member bodies work to bring two specific faiths together in dialogue. Local Inter Faith Groups also bring people of different faiths together in dialogue to discuss current issues, historical problems or matters of local concern.

Examples of dialogue and discussion include:

  • A dialogue between two specific faiths on a specific topic, especially where there is historic imperative or current need
  • Young people of different faiths getting together to talk about their experiences of faith and belief
  • Informal discussions between people of different faiths in daily life, at school, in the workplace or on campus
  • A multi faith dialogue between faith leaders discussing common action on a particular issue, such as climate change, the refugee crisis, or hate crime.
  • Dialogue that takes place through faith-based social action
  • Dialogue and discussion on line and on social media


Find out more about getting involved in dialogue here.

A number of publications on dialogue can be found at here  including Let's Talk: Practical Pointers for Inter Faith Dialogue