The Inter Faith Network for the UK office has now closed

Further background on closure timeline can be found on the homepage. A Press Release issued on 22 February about IFN's closure can be found at Read more…

Testimonials from local inter faith groups

The following is a small sample of testimonials about the importance of IFN’s work from local inter faith organisations.


“The support we have received, and continue to receive, from the national Inter Faith Network is invaluable to our work. Their online resources, experienced support, guidance and mentoring have been instrumental in enabling us to thrive.”

[Local inter faith organisation in Kent]

“[X town] Interfaith is a local group re-established in 2017 to improve relations and understanding between Muslims, Christians and others locally including those with no faith. Across [X authority] the 2021 population Census indicated that 39% are Christians & over 18% Muslims with overall nearly 20% of South Asian Heritage. Communities with different backgrounds tend not to mix and there are many socially deprived areas. Interfaith work is of paramount importance locally and this has been made more successful and feasible thanks to the massive support offered by the IFN. IFN nurture and encourage us, and put us in contact with other groups both locally and nationally. Good practice for interfaith work is heralded and shared.”

[Local inter faith organisation in Yorkshire and Humber]

“Throughout the twenty years of our existence as an Interfaith Forum, we have received valuable support from the Inter-Faith Network and have been called upon, by them, to share our learning with others, both nationally and internationally. It is this co-ordinating work and the sharing of good practice that enables all our work to develop and become even more effective.”

[Local inter faith organisation in Lancs/North West England]

“The IFN provides an invaluable service for so many interfaith groups, none of which can work to maximum effect in isolation. The IFN not only provides support and advice, but it also provides a vital hub for regional and national groups to communicate with each other. As an example, the IFN has been particularly helpful to [X] as we plan an ambitious exhibition on pilgrimage from different faith perspectives to be held in [X] Cathedral. We would really struggle to do this without their expertise.”

[Local inter faith organisation West Midlands]

“…. Without the influence, example and guidance offered by Inter Faith UK in sharing: connections, tried and tested procedures, knowledge and especially detailed information about organising and administering the annual Inter Faith Week activities schedule, [name of town]’s valued collaboration, inclusivity and the developing religious appreciation and understanding among its citizens, would be significantly less than it is.”

[Local inter faith organisation in South East]

“The IFN is a source of advice and provides an invaluable network of contacts. It has become the repository of a huge amount of tacit knowledge and experience about interfaith work, and it is the national voice for all those committed to interfaith activities. Now more than ever, such bodies need to be supported.”

[Local inter faith organisation in East Midlands]

[X] Inter Faith Group is a member of the national Inter Faith Network (IFN), which is an invaluable source of advice and support to a small voluntary organisation such as our own, and has helped us to coordinate our work with similar bodies around the country. The attached leaflet gives some background about the IFN, and more information can be provided if necessary.

[Local inter faith organisation in SW England]

“The Inter Faith Network (IFN) is an invaluable organisation to us. It links us with other faith networks across the country and helps us to provide important information and resources to our own faith group members. The IFN is the co-ordinator for the national Inter Faith Week. Their support in publicising our events, on a national basis, is crucial to helping us, as a local inter faith group, to showcase the vital contribution our members make to their local communities and the work done to promote mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence. It also helps to foster community cohesion, respect between faiths, and raising awareness of the value of faith organisations within our communities.

[Local inter faith organisation East Midlands]


The testimonials above are a small sample drawn from a large number held.