The Inter Faith Network for the UK office has now closed

Further background on closure timeline can be found on the homepage. A Press Release issued on 22 February about IFN's closure can be found at Read more…

Resources for youth inter faith engagement

This section shares resources that have been found helpful in promoting inter faith dialogue, learning and action among young people.

The focus of this page is resources - websites, videos, books and other materials designed to help. The other pages in this section also include links to other youth inter faith initiatives.

As part of this project, IFN reached out to various bodies such as HE and FE chaplains, students’ unions, societies, national student faith and belief bodies, youth organisations and organisations with youth inter faith programmes to ask them about resources that they have found helpful in running inter faith activities with young people.  Those included on this page are included because they have found them so.  Resources included are not ‘endorsed’ by IFN. Nor does the fact that a resource does not appear here mean that it may not also be helpful! If you have additional suggestions - if so, we would be very happy to hear from you!

Copies of Connect: A youth inter faith action guide

General inter faith resources


Dialogue resources


Resources for use in educational settings


General resources relating to different faiths/ beliefs


Write-ups and information about projects/ programmes


Special Days/ Weeks




Tackling hate

Environment/ climate