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Young people

IFN is currently carrying out a programme called 'Connect: Inter faith engagement of young people.'

Since it was founded over 30 years ago, IFN has encouraged young people to participate in inter faith activity. This has never been more important than it is today.

The Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN) is currently carrying out a programme called Connecting across the generations: inter faith engagement of young people.

The programme began in October 2017 and will lead to the publication in July 2018 of a new edition of IFN’s popular and well-regarded youth inter faith action guide Connect: different faiths, shared values.

It will also feed into a special youth-focused National Meeting of the Inter Faith Network for the UK in July.

The Advisory Group is co-facilitated by IFN Trustee Padideh Sabeti and youth co-facilitator, Jaskiran Kaur Mehmi.

The new Connect guide will be full of ideas and case studies to inspire young people wanting to get involved in inter faith activity – or to deepen their existing involvement.  It will cover a wide range of activity: from dialogue and social action to sport, arts and culture and more.


16-25 and interested to share your thoughts and ideas?

We are holding five special young people’s focus group sessions in Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and London in February and March 2018 to help us develop the new edition of the Connect guide.

If you are a young person aged 16-25 or work with some who may be interested in attending a session, please email for more information.

You can also send Ashley your thoughts and ideas directly.


Polls on social media

Three polls were hosted on Facebook and Twitter in February and March 2018 linked to this programme. They were designed to capture the views of young people aged 25 and under on three questions linked to the programme. 


A youth organisation that would like to share ideas and good practice?

Youth organisations and others working with young people were also asked to respond to a short survey about:

  • youth inter faith projects
  • youth inter faith resources
  • inter faith engagement with schools and in higher and further education
  • opportunities for young people in leadership and governance roles
  • any other issues that you think are important

The deadline for responses was Friday 23 February.



This programme of work builds upon past projects in this area.

In 2002, as part of national Golden Jubilee celebrations, IFN held the UK’s first national youth inter faith forum. In 2004, IFN published Connect. Despite its age, this continues to be widely used, and updating it is a key part of the current programme.

More recently, in 2014, IFN held a special day event for youth inter faith practitioners: Young voices, young agents for change. This resulted in the creation of a number of dedicated website materials, which can be found here.


Data Protection statement

Data which you provide via email in response to the invitation on this page may be drawn upon by the Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN) for informing the Connecting across the generations: Inter faith engagement of young people programme.  Data may also be used for the wider purposes of IFN's work of promoting good inter faith relations in the UK. Emails you have sent in response to this invitation may be quoted, and may be attributed to you or your organisation, if used as part of this programme. Please state clearly at the top of your email if you only wish it to be drawn on anonymously. If we wish to use answers you have given in any other context, they will only be attributed if we can obtain your permission. 

Responses to the polls on Facebook and Twitter will use tick-box answers, and this data will be drawn upon in aggregate. Any comments posted in response to the polls may be quoted as part of this programme. 
Any contact details which you provide in response to this invitation will not be passed to third parties without your permission.