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Inter faith activity


Building good inter faith relations and promoting cross-faith cooperation was once seen as a marginal pursuit – an ‘added extra’. Today. there is increasing recognition that it is vital to the wellbeing of our society.

Young people

Across 2017-2018, IFN has been carrying out a programme called 'Connect: Inter Faith Engagement of Young People'.


Sport and physical activity are enjoyable and important in their own right. They can also be valuable tools for creating and deepening understanding between people of different Backgrounds – young and old.


The increasing religious diversity of the UK means that inter faith engagement is ever more important. The conversations that take place between people of different faiths and beliefs are at the heart of this.

Social action

Serving others is an imperative of the teachings of all faith communities, and faith groups have been at the forefront of many historic developments to the betterment of society, both in the UK and around the world.


Part of the mission of the Inter Faith Network for the UK is working with faith communities, inter faith organisations, educators and others to increase understanding and cooperation between people of different faiths and to widen public awareness of the distinctive religious traditions in the UK.